novembro 15, 2003

Looking Beyond Questions

Mais um poema/letra para uma possivel Canção!
Quem sabe!

Looking Beyond Questions

I seek for answers to questions
I haven’t made
I seek questions to answers
I do not know!

Finding that life
Is a surprise
in every word I write
And yet I look for words
That I never heard!

I wish for answers
Or miracles
For a love that never came!
I wished for life
A Life!
So much that I forgot
What I was really
Wishing for!

And yet,
I feel the wish near!
Or do I feel her!

I must question myself
If it’s worth
To desire, to wish
To love and wait
For someone that
Will not come!

And yet I look
Beyond questions
Beyond Answers
Beyond a life denied
And I find that Answers
Will only bring questions
I do not wish
To a life desired
And yet not wished for!

M. Lima

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