Full Name: Trevor John Borasso (Morgan)
Birthdate: November 26, 1986
Nickname: Trev
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Place: Chicago, Illinois
Home: California

Trevor Morgan was born in Chicago, Illinois on 26 November 1986. And now resides in the Southern California area. He lives in Orange County with his parents, three half sibilings (Jen, Matt and Joe, all older) and a dog. Trevor Morgan was discovered in a shopping mall at the age of six. His first feature film appearance was in 97 in the movie Family Plan he played the role of Alec Mackenzie. He later went on to star in Barney's Great Adventure and was in the 1999 Haley Joel Osment hit, The Sixth Sense.
Trevor's movie roles include an appearance with Mel Gibson in the movie hit The Patriot. Trevor was also seen in A Rumor of Angels where again he was outstanding in a very emotional role. He played a key role in the hit Jurassic Park 3, as a young boy stranded on the Island with some very big and mean Dinosaurs, he went on to do the thriler The Glass House. On the big screen he was most recently seen in The Rookie in an uncredited role as Young Jimmy.
He had a recuring role in five episodes of the hit series ER on the small screen, and made guest appearances on Baywatch and Touched by an Angel. His made for tv movies include Genius from 1999 and 1998's In the Doghouse.
More recently he played Bobby Micelli in Uncle Nino and has just completed Mean Creek with Rory Culkin and Ryan Kelley, he is also filming the made for TV movie Empire Falls set to release later this year.


Has a dog named Sunshine (a cross breed), which the family adopted when moving from Chicago to California.
Is real-life friends with Haley Joel Osment
Has 2 half-brothers and a half sister
Is a pollo-vegetarian, chicken is the only meat he eats
Enjoys basketball, music, baseball, and hockey
Went uncredited as playing young Jimmy Morris in the Rookie
Plays the guitar!