maio 15, 2008


O resultado honesto, o resultado verdadeiro, das ondas surfadas, dos tubos profundos, seria este, 18.47. Mas baseado no palavreado todo que está aqui em baixo o banana do Perry Hatchet vai dizer que o Saca fez isto e aquilo e que remou e que se fez à onda anterior e que bloqueou e o caralho. A verdade é que enquanto a ASP for este kindergarden pueril e ranhoso de crianças crescidas e obtusamente anglo-saxónicas isto vai sempre ser assim. Tiago, força. Não desistas. O teu Surf falará mais alto.


Article 115: Application of Interference and Priority Rules The Articles in this Chapter are applicable to all ASP Sanctioned Events unless specifically stated otherwise in this Chapter or a Rule directly conflicts with these Rules, in which case, the conflicting Rule in its respective Chapter will apply. For an explanation of any jargon, terms or phrases, refer to Appendix G.
Article 116: Interference Rules
116.01 The surfer deemed to have the inside position for a wave has unconditional right of way for the entire duration of that Ride. Interference will be called if during that Ride a majority of judges feel that a competing Surfer has hindered the scoring potential of the surfer deemed to have right of way
for the wave.
11 6.02 Anyone who stands up in front of a surfer with right of way in non-one on one heats has the chance to Ride or kick out of the wave without being called interference, unless they hinder the scoring potential of the surfer with right of way by any means. These include excessive hassling, leg rope
pulling or breaking down a section.
116.03 Anyone riding a wave in one-on-one heats has the chance to kick out of the wave immediately without being called interference when the priority surfer using their right of way catches that wave, unless they hinder the scoring potential of the surfer with right of way by any means. These include excessive hassling, leg rope pulling, breaking down a section or other applicable paddling interference. If they continue to Ride the wave, and they do not hinder the
scoring potential of the surfer with right of way, they will be scored a zero and the wave will count as one of their maximum allowable Rides but not as one of their scoring Rides.
11 6.04 A surfer who remains in the water after their maximum number of waves will be penalized for interference if:
(a) A surfer Rides any extra waves that obviously deprive another Surfer of a Ride.
(b) A surfer interferes with any other Surfer by paddling, positioning or some other reason.
Article 117: Right of Way in 4-man, 3-man and Non-Priority oneone
117.01 Wave possession or right of way in these situations will vary slightly under the following categories as determined by the nature of the contest venue. Basically it is the responsibility of the judge to determine which surfer has the inside position based on whether the wave is a superior right or left, but
never on which surfer is first to their feet.
EXCEPTION: see Article 117.04(a). If at the initial point of take-off neither the right nor left can be deemed superior, then the right of way will go to the first surfer who makes a definite turn in their chosen direction as determined by the
Head Judge.
11 7.02 Point Break
When there is only one available direction on any given wave, the surfer on the inside shall have unconditional right of way for the entire duration of that wave.
117.03 Reef or Beach Break - One Peak Situation
If there is a single well defined peak with both a left and a right available, at the initial point of take-off and neither the right or left can be deemed superior then the right of way will go to the first surfer who makes a definite turn in their
chosen direction (by making an obvious right or left turn). A second surfer may go in the opposite direction on the same wave without incurring a penalty, providing they do not interfere with the first surfer who has established right of way (i.e. they may not cross the path of the first surfer in order to gain the opposite side of the peak unless, in the majority of judges opinion, they do so without possibly hindering the inside surfer).
11 7.04 Reef or Beach Break - Multiple Peak Situations
With multiple random peaks wave possession may vary slightly according to the nature of an individual wave.
(a) With two peaks, there will be cases where one swell will have two separate, defined peaks far apart that Eventually meet at some point. Although two surfers may each have inside position on those respective peaks, the surfer who is first to their feet shall be deemed to have wave possession and the second surfer must give way by cutting back or kicking out before hindering the right of way surfer.
(b) If two surfers stand at the same time on two separate peaks that Eventually meet, then:
(i) If they both give way by cutting back or kicking out, so that neither is hindered, there will be no penalty.
(ii) If they collide or hinder one another, a Surfer will be penalized by the judges if either or both indicate aggression at the point of hindrance.
(iii) If neither surfer gives way by exiting the Ride and both share responsibility for the confrontation, then a double interference will be called. Both Surfers will score a zero for that wave, and each of their second scoring waves are halved. Article118: Right of way in priority One-on-one situations
118.01 In a one-on-one heat the priority disc system will determine wave possession. The surfer with priority has unconditional right of way for both directions on the wave selected. The second surfer cannot take-off on the same wave as the priority surfer, regardless of direction or the distance
between them, unless the second surfer does not hinder the scoring potential of the surfer with priority, in which case the second surfer will score a zero (0).
118.02 As soon as the priority surfer begins to stand on their chosen wave the second surfer must stop paddling at that point and give way. If the second surfer continues to paddle for or Ride the same wave as a priority surfer, they will be called priority interference, unless the second surfer does not hinder the scoring potential of the surfer with priority.
118.03 If they incur an interference penalty they will also lose priority.
Article 119: The Right of Way Criteria.
The choice of right-of-way criteria for each of the above possible situations is the responsibility of the ASP Head Judge or the senior available touring ASP judge in that order.
Article 120: Priority Rules
120.01 Priority rules are mandatory in all one-on-one heats.
120.02 The Head Judge will make any Priority decisions using coloured discs corresponding to the surfer’s competition vest colours in the water to indicate priority and may consult the judging panel for close calls.
120.03 Priority discs must be located on one end of the judging booths.
120.04 A buoy, where applicable (as decided by the Contest Director, ASP Head Judge and Surfer Representative), will be placed just outside the surfing break, which surfers use by paddling around to gain priority.
120.05 Wave priority is lost as soon as surfer Rides a wave, or paddles for a wave and misses the wave.
120.06 At the start of a heat once the first wave has been ridden, the second surfer gets automatic priority for any other wave they choose, unless the surfer Rides the wave before the heat starts. If this happens then that wave will not count and the remaining surfer will get automatic first priority. The Head Judge will indicate wave priority by displaying a coloured disc, which corresponds to the surfer’s competition vest. If no surfer has wave priority, no discs are shown and the normal interference rule will determine right of way.
120.07 A surfer cannot lose second priority by paddling for, and missing a wave but if the surfer catches the wave and their hands leave the rails, as they attempt to stand, they lose second priority.
120.08 If a surfer inside has second priority and their opponent paddles for, but misses a wave, the inside surfer automatically assumes first priority. Therefore, if they also paddle for, but miss the wave, then they have also lost priority. That is, both surfers have then lost priority even though only one wave has passed and there was not sufficient time to change the priority disc.
120.09 The surfer who has priority will also not be allowed to paddle in front of the other surfer to deliberately impede them from catching a wave or they will lose priority. The surfer will also lose priority if in the opinion of the Head Judge they place themselves in the take off zone to prevent the other surfer from catching that wave.
120.10 Priority interference may be called individually by the Head Judge only if the majority (3 of 5) of the judging panel do not see the incident.
120.11 Allocation is based on who the Head Judge believes has reached the primary take off zone first. In cases where both surfers appear to reach the line-up at the same time, priority will go to the surfer who did not have the last priority. Under priority allocation it is the surfers responsibility to continually check the priority disc for verification. Under no circumstances must the priority rule be suspended in one-on-one heats.
120.12 If it is impossible to establish who has priority, no priority will be given unless the surfers in the heat, when asked agree that only one has priority. If neither agrees, then no priority will be given and once the first wave from then on has been ridden, the second surfer will get automatic priority for any
other wave they choose.
120.13 When there is no priority the interference rule shall determine wave possession. Both surfers may Ride the wave in opposite directions provided they do not interfere with each other.
120.14 In all cases where a dispute results from a malfunction of the priority system, the ASP Head Judge, Contest Director and Surfer’s Rep will arbitrate.
Article 121: Snaking
121.01 The surfer who is farthest inside at the initial point of takeoff and has established wave possession is entitled to that wave for the duration of their Ride, even though another surfer may subsequently take off behind them. The judges will not penalize the surfer because they have right of way even though they are in front.
121.02 If the second surfer has not hindered the original surfer with right of way, then the judges may choose not to penalize them and will score both surfers’ Rides.
121.03 If in the opinion of the judges, the second surfer has interfered with (snaked) the original surfer with right of way, by causing them to pull out or lose the wave, then interference may be called on the second surfer, even
though they were behind the first when the penalty was called.
121.04 The above situations apply only to multiple surfer heats or one-on-one in non-priority situations. In one-on-one it remains as one person, one wave, if a surfer has priority. Refer to Article 118.02 for clarification.
Article 122: Paddling Interference
122.01 In 4-people heats or non-priority one-on-one situation another surfer paddling for the same wave should not excessively hinder a surfer who has inside position.
122.02 Paddling interference may be called if:
(a) The offending surfer makes contact with or forces the inside surfer to change their line while paddling to catch the wave causing possible loss of scoring potential.
(b) The offending surfer obviously causes a section to break down in front of the inside surfer which would not normally have done so causing loss of scoring
122.03 When a surfer is put in a position while paddling out that they cannot get out of the way and a collision happens due to this, it is up to a majority of the judges to call interference based on whether it is felt to be accidental or not.
Article 123: Interference Penalty
123.01 For priority situations, if a majority of judges call interference, then that wave will count in the final tally as a zero score. This applies to a riding interference or a paddling interference, where the surfer catches that particular wave. In non-priority situations, the Surfer’s second scoring wave
will be halved.
123.02 For a straight paddling interference a loss of that scoring Ride applies where the surfer or surfers do not catch the wave.
123.03 If a surfer has less than the required minimum scoring Rides and receives an interference then they will be scored on one less wave, (i.e. if they have caught only three waves and the best four count, then only their best two will be scored).
123.04 3 of the 5 or 4 judges must call interference to be considered a majority.
123.05 Interference will be shown as a triangle, as described below, on each judge’s scorecard with an arrow drawn to the Surfer’s score who was interfered on.
(a) The triangle placed around their score if caused by riding
(b) The triangle placed above their score if they Ride a wave but cause interference while paddling for that wave ridden
(c) The triangle placed between scores if caused by paddling for that Ride
123.06 In the case of a tie where one surfer has an interference marked against them any count back will result in them winning as they have already had one wave deducted.
123.07 Under 2 best waves the interfering surfer will be penalized with a loss of 50% of his second best scoring Ride in nonpriority situations only. The wave that the interference was called on by the majority of the judges will count in the final tally as a zero. If this surfer incurs another interference penalty during the same heat his best wave score will be halved also. If the interfering surfer has only one other wave then that wave is halved (i.e. he counts his interfering wave as a zero and halves the other wave).
123.08 A Head Judge or Event Referee may be included, and in this case interference would be determined on three of five judging sheets.
123.09 Any interfering surfer must be penalized and once an interference decision is made, it is irrevocable. The Judges and/or ASP Tour Manager will not enter into any discussion over the interference call. All discussion must be directly with the ASP Head Judge, if he wishes to discuss the situation.
123.10 The Surfer who is interfered with will be allowed an additional wave beyond their wave maximum, within the prescribed time limit.
EXCEPTION: where a double interference could be called, neither surfer gets an extra wave. An extra wave or heat
delay as decided by the ASP Head Judge at the time will also apply to interference from water photographers, water security personnel or other outside interference. Refer to Article 97.03.
123.11 Where any surfer incurs two or more interference penalties they must immediately leave the Competition Area. Failure to do so will result in a penalty in accordance with Chapter 11 of this Rulebook.

possível email para os "Srs" da ASP:

Dear Mr Hatchet

you're a complete ass, take your stupid rules and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Yours truly

Portuguese Surfer

ASP International Office
Office B, Suite 213, Level 2
Showcase on The Beach, 72-80 Marine Parade
Coolangatta, QLD, 4225
Ph: 61-7-5599 1550 Fax: 61-7-5599 3550
Postal Address
PO Box 1095
Coolangatta, QLD
4225 Australia

Brodie Carr President
Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew

Chief Financial Officer
Scott Loffler Chief Technical Officer
'Mano' Ziul

ASP World Tour Manager
Renato Hickel ASP Women's World Tour Manager
Brooke Farris

Media Manager
Melissa Buckley

Media Manager
Dave Prodan

WQS Tour Manager
Al Hunt Online Developer
Ben Frawley

Systems Operator
Robson Andueza Machado

Digital Imagery
Covered Images

Publicado por pedroarruda em maio 15, 2008 12:31 AM | TrackBack

qual foi o numero aplicavel ja agora?

Afixado por: xico em maio 15, 2008 12:35 AM

this is missing from the version you posted:
b) the rule does not apply when one of our mates is underpressure. in these situations, he should wave to the head judge, priority will then be automatically changed. (from the asp rule book, today's version)

Afixado por: marc batta em maio 15, 2008 12:36 AM

ESCANDALO!!!!!!!!! FILHOS DA P*TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afixado por: pedro b em maio 15, 2008 12:41 AM

O Saca continua a ser grande. É Grande!
Mas tem que ter em atenção as regras, a placa e speaker.

Afixado por: vitor em maio 15, 2008 12:42 AM

Mas nao perdia metade da 2 melhor onda??? ficaria com 14 pontos..???

Afixado por: Luis Sousa em maio 15, 2008 12:44 AM

exactamente, isso é que eu tb não percebo, o koala ficou com 13,06, o saca a precisar de 3?? , alguém sabe explicar isto. o que se percebe ainda é um roubo maior... conta o 10, a interferência apaga, a 2ª melhor (8.45 no final) apaga, conta o 2.67. será?

Afixado por: gamas em maio 15, 2008 12:54 AM

Já agora, a enviar o email proposto, convem ser sem erros ortográficos graves para não cairmos no erro de sermos alvo de chacota nem de nos tornarmos no referido kindergarden' que tanto desprezamos. Posto isto, aqui ficam as correcções:

*your stupid rules (...) where the sun *doesn't shine.

Yours truly,

Sheesh kabob ;)

P.S - Aquele 10 foi um dez de como não há memória no surf português!

Afixado por: sheesh kabob em maio 15, 2008 01:15 AM

Ups... *tornarmo-nos. Faço frequentemente erros no uso das formas enclíticas e proclíticas, por não saber bem quando as usar (o facto também de saber ler e escrever francês só desajuda, mas o importante é reconhecermos os erros e corrigi-los posteriormente)

Afixado por: sheesh kabob em maio 15, 2008 01:24 AM

1 - o saca foi claramente o melhor naquele heat

2 - o saca cometeu um erro de rookie e deve tar todo fodido com ele próprio

3 - o parko fez o que qquer um faria e aproveitou o erro do adversário

4 - começar com teorias da conspiração é parvoíce. faz lembrar cenas em que, infelizmente, o tuga é especialista (tipo euro2000 com a mão do chewbacca e a confusao seguinte)

5 - depois disto o saca vai pra fiji pra ganhar aquilo


Afixado por: bombz em maio 15, 2008 01:48 AM

nao é erro de rookie, é jogo sujo!!!!
mas não vale a pena continuar as teorias, so quem esta lá é que sabe o que acontece ao certo

Mas para aliviarem os remorsos fizeram (o mesmo) ao Kelly!!!!
este de rookie nao tem nada.

Afixado por: SANTOS em maio 15, 2008 01:58 AM

Já agora

surfou e mostrou que é um GIGANTE !!!!!!!



Afixado por: SANTOS em maio 15, 2008 01:59 AM

o kelly acabou de ser chulado com a mesma regra

Afixado por: vasco fp em maio 15, 2008 02:01 AM

Acho um piadão as vezes aqui com os intervenientes...lolllll

Primeiro bastou o Tiago fazer um nove e pouco pra relegarem o puto a um dos melhores do evento! LOL

Depois veio aquela CHUVA de nove´s ao longo do evento pra calar a boca de alguns, pois Teahupoo proporciona altas performances e aquele que apanhar uma boa onda e entubar fundo vai certamente ganhar a nota!

E 9 ou até 10 nessa bancada não é coisa de outro mundo! Basta ver a quantidade de surfistas que atingiram esse score até o momento!

Depois do heat " QUASE" irrepreensível do Tiaguito assistimos a uma lamentável saraivada de impropérios À ASP e quadro de jurados neste espaço!


O que é que vós quereis ? E se fosse o contrário, e tal não fosse assinalada????

Sim, ai é claro vinham os mesmos chorumelas e mais alguns aqui armar barraca!

Se até posteriormente o Kelly Slater foi penalizado, é mais um prova que a ASP não anda " A caça" do Tiaguito!

Saibam perder com honradez e Hombridade, e não fazer o mesmo que o jOão pinto e trupe fizeram na Coreia ou aquela barraca com a frança no europeu!

Pega mal para o país essa corja de arruaceiros que pupulam um pouco pelo pequeno rectângulo!

Faço idéia da saraivada de impropérios que os internautas devem ter enviado no webcast e na caixa de correio da ASP. E SEM RAZÃO ALGUMA!

Enfim, acham alguns que as tais " vozes de burros" vão atingir os céus, mas no fundo só vão é prejudicar o próprio Saca e a imagem do país com esse " Show de educação e bom perder"


Afixado por: Pontinha_Star em maio 15, 2008 06:34 AM

Por muito que me custe numa coisa tenho de concordar com este pontinha...
Não sei se será aconselhável os tais mail's e até a reacção do Tiago no fim da última onda terá sido boa ideia...epá chega dessa história da mania da perseguição!!! até eu a milhares de Km ouvi o speaker a gritar "Priority on red"!!
É esquecer e chutar para a frente!! Mostrou um Surf de 1ª linha!! e se tivesse cagado naquela onda ficava a precisar de uma pontuação ridícula que se veio a verificar perfeitamente exequível.
Mas falar é fácil eu sei...

Afixado por: NUNO em maio 15, 2008 09:04 AM

Pois foi uma cena fod... mas como o Parko disse (E MT BEM), o surf de competição não é só chegar lá e apanhar uma ondas, é tipo xadrez, saber antecipar jogadas e fazer o adversário cometer erros(APRENDEU UMAS COM O K8), tb disse que o Tiago vai tirar uma boa lição disto para o seu futuro(EU ACHO QUE SIM)... BOAS ONDAS PARA TODOS!

Afixado por: rocha em maio 15, 2008 10:24 AM

Só para dizer que concordo nas ideias com os comentários dos 3 últimos intervenientes.

Força SACA!

Afixado por: sheesh kabob em maio 15, 2008 10:54 AM

já cá faltava eruditos e "grandes moralistas" detentores da verdade absoluta.
Cada um de nós tem diteito a expressar as suas emoções...não são vozes de burro... como você diz...
São vozes de quem já assistiu a variadas injustiças e decisões não muito louváveis na ASP.
Mas antes mais são vozes de quem apoia e acredita no TIAGUITO!!!!
percebe-se que talvez seja daqueles a fazer figas
para que tudo corra mal ao nosso Saca.
Temos pena...
se calhar vao ficar desiludido....
HAJA PACIÊNCIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afixado por: santos em maio 15, 2008 10:54 AM


Hoje acordei com um melão na cabeça e não me sai do pensamento, todo aquele filme de ontem e os efeitos que tal me causaram.
É no mínimo estranho que me sinta assim. Porque carga de água, é que o facto de o Saca ter perdido ingloriamente me afectou tanto? Conheço o Tiago desde a sua juventude, mas tirando a meia dúzia de vezes que com ele falei e o facto de em uma das ocasiões ele se ter dirigido a mim, para me agradecer umas palavras escritas, não tenho com ele qq outro tipo de relação ou afinidade.
Então porquê?
Ontem, mal terminou o heat, o comentário que fiz para o lado para o meu filho, foi que tinha acabado de sentir o mesmo que senti, quando o árbitro da final do europeu, apitou para o final do jogo com a Grécia. Um sentimento de angustia, desilusão, incompreensão e um sem número mais de adjectivos que classificariam o meu estado de espírito.
Hoje qdo acordei e depois de ter dormido mal, sempre a matutar no sucedido, estou a chegar à conclusão de que afinal, estou até mais afectado pela frustração de ontem, do que pela derrota na final do europeu. É que ontem estivemos a ganhar. É que ontem foi injusto. É que ontem passei do êxtase, à tristeza, em questão de segundos e ainda não recuperei.
Tenho 42 anos e acabei de descobrir que mais do que da selecção nacional de futebol, nutro um sentimento de admiração por um miúdo da Ericeira, que só pode advir do facto de o ver a percorrer caminhos que só nos meus mais íntimos sonhos, alguma vez almejei. O Tiago é a minha Selecção. Sinto os seus resultados, como se fossem os meus resultados. Não creio que alguma vez, numa qq pós derrota do meu SLB ou da Selecção, assim me tenha sentido. E se a esta conclusão hoje chego, tal só pode significar uma coisa.
Sou um fã do Tiago. Nem sei bem o significado de tal, mas deve ter a ver, com aquilo que eu hoje sinto.
Como fã, vou continuar a seguir os caminhos deste alguém, que teve a coragem de traçar um rumo de acordo com os seus sonhos. Nunca serei importante no percorrer do caminho, mas quero que ele saiba, que estarei sempre lá.
A ti Tiago Pires, obrigado

Afixado por: em maio 15, 2008 11:38 AM

Tal com foi referido anteriormente, os campeonatos não é só apanhar ondas, também tem os joginhos das regras de interferência, os quais o Joel, como raposa velha, soube-os aplicar na perfeição. Tal como ele disse de certeza que servirá de lição pra o tiago nao os voltar a cometer.
Força SACA estamos contigo. Não é façil digerir esta derrota, mas melhores dias virão.

Afixado por: jbs em maio 15, 2008 12:56 PM

O Tiago Pires surfou muito bem. Disso não há duvidas. Mas não competiu bem, e o Parko teve bem. Mandar cartas mal-criadas para a ASP não nos faz ser melhores, faz-nos maus perdedores, a ASP não foi infusta. Em competição está tudo em jogo, inclusive a estratégia. O Saca não tem tido um bom surf nos outros campeonatos mas ele é muito bom em tubos, deveria ter jogado melhor com isso, ele nem precisava daquela onda, não era nada de especial. Se o Saca quiser ficar no WCT então tem que mostrar em todos os campeonatos que vale a pena. Competir não é fácil, há que aprender com os melhores a ser "rato".

Espero que Portugal consiga ir ao WCT no proximo ano...

Afixado por: Pedro em maio 15, 2008 01:26 PM

Lindas palavras....

No meio de tanta polémica é otimo ler algo tão sincero


Vai SACA Portugal vai continuar no CT, quer alguns não gostem e estejam escondidos atras dumas "cortinas" a cruzarem os dedos...


Afixado por: gs em maio 15, 2008 03:34 PM

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