dezembro 03, 2004

TOM NAIRN - recensão a Timothy Garton Ash - Free Word

The Free World’s end?
Tom Nairn
1 - 12 - 2004

In Open Democracy

Tom Nairn presents a searching critique of Timothy Garton Ash’s book Free World. He argues that it seeks to conserve the global status quo through a comforting subordination to American power. His wide-ranging survey suggest that the new century is not going to embrace any such outcome.

“Progress itself is not something that unfolds in a single line. Along with the natural weakening an idea suffers as it becomes diffuse, there is also the criss–crossing of influences from new sources of ideas. The innermost core of the life of every age, an inchoate, swelling mass, is poured into moulds forged by much earlier times. Every present period is simultaneously now and yet millennia old. This millipede moves on political, economic, cultural, biological and countless other legs, each of which has a different tempo and rhythm. One can see this as a unified picture and elaborate it in terms of a single cause by always keeping to a central perspective...but one can also find satisfaction in the exact opposite. There is no plan in this, no reason: fine. Does this really make it any uglier than if there were a plan?”
Robert Musil, “Notes for Readers Who Have Eluded the Decline of the West”, 1921 (in Precision and Soul: Essays and Addresses, edited and translated B Pike & D Luft, Chicago 1990)

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