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May 17, 2006

Technology is not Science

Unnatural Nature.jpgO Capítulo 2 do livro The Unnatural Nature of Science pode ser lido aqui.

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Páginas 33-34

Leiam também uma interessante crítica a este livro, escrita por Roger Sandall, de que cito esta passagem:

"The very prestige and indispensability of modern science make it the target of three kinds of people. First there are those who admire it, but feel excluded, and long to join the club. Examples of this are the old-time Marxists for whom Marxism was "the science of society"; "scientologists" desperate to raise the standing of their cult; and promoters of "Aboriginal Science" who claim, in effect, that anything you can do we did already. All of these people want the prestige of science without earning it

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