novembro 12, 2003


Alone I am,
In solutide of a broken promess;
Your company is requested by a man
Who tries to crawl out of darkness.

In silence, my soul cryes
For an end never to come
Tears drop from my eyes
And still, I am alone.

Alive and kicking,
Full power to get up again
Insanities, delusions, awakening...
I die once more, in pain...

Master of Evil, Father of Lies
Drags me into the abyss
"Hear, the sound of flies"
Is his coming, his...

Victorious over me,
A powerless sheep...
It was easy, you see?
Getting me so down, so deep...

Publicado por aShBuRn em novembro 12, 2003 07:36 PM